Laura James

Laura James

Dr Laura James is CEO of Open Knowledge, and Co-Founder of Makespace, Cambridge’s community inventing shed.

Laura was the first employee and VP Engineering at AlertMe, building a pioneering internet of things connected home system, and was Head of Knowledge at, an AI which answers natural language questions.

The full list of her interests would fill a big website but would include: engineering, technology, innovation, product management, open data, open access, leadership, team building, computer networking, embedded systems, sensors, internet, wireless, R&D, consumer electronics, public understanding of technology, IT in higher education, libraries, sustainability, usability and user-centric design, social enterprise and non-profit organisations, makerspaces & hackspaces

Previously Laura has worked at AT&T Labs in the US and UK, and the University of Cambridge. Laura is a Chartered Engineer, holds Masters and PhD degrees from the University of Cambridge, and is an alumnus of the Royal Academy of Engineering Leadership Award and NESTA Crucible fellowship programmes.

Talks by Laura James

The Open SesameApril 2014

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