Adrienne Barnes: Making JTBD Interviews Work

JTBD requires you to spend time talking with your stakeholders to understand what progress they want to make so that you can help them achieve their goals. Understanding this is important is very different to understanding how to do it well. Most customer research is poorly done and means you don’t learn anything new and your customers are inconvenienced. This is usually because you ask the wrong questions of the wrong people and don’t have a process to incorporate the findings.

In this Breakout Session, Adrienne will share practical approaches so you:

  • ask the right questions;
  • identify and approach the right people to talk to;
  • understand how to act on the information.

Adrienne Barnes

Founder, Best Buyer Persona

A BoS regular, Adrienne is the Founder of Best Buyer Persona, founded in 2018 to help SaaS companies define their best buyers using the Jobs to be Done framework.

When she’s not identifying companies’ best buyers, she’s using her customer research skills to create unique and effective content marketing strategies. She’s worked with amazing companies such as: Catchpoint, Audiense, Stripe, Demio,, Unbounce, and Smartling. Her previous breakout at BoS Conference online, on how to get customers to want to talk to you, was one of the highest-rated and most practical sessions of the event. We are delighted to have her back.

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