The Meaning of Life

2017 – Natalie Nagele – CEO, co-Founder, Wildbit

BoS Conf Online 2021

We hear a lot about unicorn exits and 100x returns for companies  that make a few founders incredibly wealthy even if a significant number of employees are left burned out. We also hear about lifestyle bootstrappers that build nice businesses for themselves and their families with no ambition to be any bigger.

Where’s the middle ground?

Isn’t there a story about the company in the middle — that makes a lot of revenue, maximizes profits, but exists for the people that build it? This is the story of  the growth of Wildbit. Natalie will share the 16 year story of Wildbit and why at every point in the growth of the business, when it comes to making big decisions – about hiring, new products, culture – she’s come to believe that the most important thing in business is to keep having fun.