Resistance is futile

Paul Kenny – Founder, Ocean Learning

Whenever I hear Paul talk I hear two things:

  1. Some of the best, most straightforward advice on selling in the software business you’ll ever hear.
  2. The soothing tones of my native Yorkshire. He makes me homesick.

Paul’s ability to demystify sales and turn it into an understandable, even fun process, has made him a firm favourite at Business of Software (if you haven’t already, it’s worth checking out part 1 – The art of asking – and part 2 – Hardwiring sales into your organisation – of his trilogy from previous editions of BoS).

This time, he turns his attention to resistance. What do you do when a customer – or partner, or funder, or potential employee – says ‘no’? Why is it worth engaging with customers who are saying ‘no’ even when there are many more saying ‘yes’? And why has Paul distributed 450 balloons around the room?