Pricing isn’t rocket science: it just takes some work

It’s pretty easy to build a successful software company: Get revenues to cover costs with enough cash left over to invest in growth. The tricky part is to do pricing right so this happens. When pricing is done right – or right enough –you will generate revenue faster without spending too much to attract, close and retain customers.

How can you get pricing “right”? It starts by understanding what goes into pricing and then getting all the interdependent pieces to fit together as seamlessly as possible.

This short talk will give you a way to think about pricing so your products and company will have a better chance of success.

  • Which pricing decisions need to be made and when
  • What it takes to set a “fair” price
  • How to compete against low prices – especially free
  • Getting prospects to buy the way you want to sell
  • When and how to use discounts

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