The science of acceleration for growth businesses

Bob Dorf – Co-author, The Startup Owner's Manual

This was another incredibly well-received talk at Business of Software Conference 2012- for good reason. Bob Dorf has earned his startup chops, is entertaining, highly experienced and has seen a whole lot of successful and unsuccessful businesses. More importantly though, he has spent a huge amount of time thinking about why he was successful and unsuccessful and is totally passionate about helping others learn.

Among other topics, Bob covers…

  • Why startups don’t fail from technology.
  • Why the hacker, hustler, artiste combination is so powerful in startups and how to use the three skills together.
  • Business plans are truly the enemy of startups or of young, innovative software companies. Business plan writing is in the wrong division of every university in the world. It belongs in the creative writing department, not the business department.
  • How to use the Business Model Canvas rather than a business plan to make proper progress in a business.
  • Understanding the Customer Development Process.