Building the minimum badass user – Part 2

2012: Kathy Sierra – Founder, Javaranch

The idea Kathy presented at BoS2012 – that the best, the only, way to compete is to make your customers awesome at what they need to do – has been hugely popular. So we asked her to come back to BoS2013 and explain about how people become awesome in more depth.

What’s the unfinished business? Not just a detailed explanation of how people learn and the implications this has for anyone designing products and customer interactions. It’s also that the concept of Badass – of expertise – goes beyond simply making your customers awesome and extends to what you and your team need to be awesome. What can you do to help your company get Badass?

Kathy gets through more material in an hour than many people cover in a week, so pin your ears back, get a good cup of strong coffee, and pay attention at the back!