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At BoS Conferences, we make sure there is time for you to properly connect with your peers. We encourage you to come in ‘listen’ mode, and to spend time discussing your business challenges with other attendees. You’re certain to meet someone who can help you, and someone you can help.

But don’t just listen to us – here are some previous BoS attendees who have some thoughts on the BoS Community:


This year at BoS Conference USA Online will be no different – we’ve put a lot of thought into how to make BoS-style networking happen at a virtual event. There are 4 main types of networking throughout the event:

  • “Coffee Queue” Chats – The equivalent of bumping into people in the coffee queue at a physical event – chance encounters with interesting people.
  • Group Exercises – In some of the sessions, speakers will set group exercises or questions. Attendees will be split into small groups to complete these exercises. A fantastic opportunity to puzzle over difficult questions with other smart entrepreneurs.
  • Topic-Focused Breakout Discussions – Each afternoon of the event (Eastern Time) will be devoted to Breakout Discussions. Attendees will pick which Discussion to attend from a group of pre-assigned topics, and will meet other attendees interested in the same topics as them.
  • Slack Networking – We will have a Slack channel for the event where attendees can chat, organise their own breakout discussions and meetings, and individually message other attendees.

Save your space at BoS Conference USA Online and join a smart, thoughtful community of SaaS leaders.

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