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You’ll find all the information you need for this BoS Masterclass here, including:

  • What you need to participate
  • A link to join the BoS Slack Channel
  • Details of pre-work to be completed before the Masterclass begins
  • Zoom links to join each session of the Masterclass


About this Business of Software Masterclass

You’re running as fast as you can right now. The problem with running fast is that you can cover a lot of distance but it can take you further away from where you need to be. Your job was hard enough in the first place but the additional challenges that come from operating in a highly uncertain market, alongside the complications of work from home, put an additional burden on your responsibilities.

This Business of Software Masterclass led by Gareth Marlow will help you to take stock and understand how to work through some of the challenges you face in your business now. It will offer a framework for you to prioritise and deliver an evidence-based action plan that means you control your direction of travel.

You will come prepared by completing a short diagnostic tool. This will help you to identify what you consider the biggest challenges with your current business direction, organizational design and team dynamics. Over the course of two sessions a combination of explanation, group discussion and exercises, you will make sense of these complex challenges and emerge with a clear and actionable plan.


What You Need

To participate fully in this online masterclass, you will need:

  • A Zoom account (paid or free, either is fine). You can sign up for a free account here.
  • A Webcam and Microphone (the one built into your laptop/phone will be fine, but if you have something snazzier that’s even better!)
  • To join the BoS Slack Channel.

The Masterclass will take place on Zoom. When you click the Zoom links to join the event, you will appear on screen in a Zoom meeting, so make sure you’re ready to be seen!

We’ll be using Slack to communicate before and during the event. Hop in to the #masterclass_making-strategic-decisions-with-gareth-marlow channel now to introduce yourself.



To prepare for the Masterclass, please complete the survey below, then follow the instructions in the video to get to grips with the Mural software Gareth will be using throughout your classes.

1 – Complete this survey

2 – Watch the video above and click here to get started on Mural


Joining Links 

Session 1 – Wednesday 24th June, 10am-12pm ET / 3pm-5pm BST

Session 2 – Wednesday 1st July, 10am-12pm ET / 3pm-5pm BST

Slack – Join here

(Join the #masterclass_making-strategic-decisions-with-gareth-marlow channel)


Contact Details

If you have any questions, please email