Masterclass: Designing & running better remote meetings

EB Alison Coward designing and run better remote meetings masterclass october 2020

Learn how to get the most out of your remote team with better designed meetings



Your team dynamics evolve as strategy, people, roles, goals, market forces and the world around you change your work environment. Building a high-performing, resilient and adaptive team has never been more important.

This masterclass will help you to build an effective team culture that aligns with your values, adapts to change and leads to high-performance, creativity and productivity. You will learn how you can design and run meetings that make your team work better together, whether in person or remotely.

A combination of explanation, group discussion and practical exercises is aimed at making your team work better together. Starting by considering your current team dynamic and performance Alison will help you develop a practical toolset to lead and facilitate your team more effectively.

You will learn how to develop better team routines and rituals, raise your awareness of collaboration techniques and design solutions for better communication. 

The Masterclass is limited to just 12 attendees, to ensure attendees get maximum interaction time with Alison.

“Worth attending, arrive open minded and be prepared to participate.”

Ivan Jenkins, BoS Masterclass attendee

You Will Learn

  • How you can lead more effective meetings.
  • How to assess the current state of your team and plan for better team working practices.
  • How you can develop and foster a culture of collaboration in your high performing team
  • The tools you can use to help your team address your distinct business needs, challenges, and how to get the most out of your people.
  • What tools you can use to manage changes in team dynamics.

Dates & times

This BoS Masterclass will take place in two 2-hour sessions in the same week. You will be also be set approximately one hour of work to be completed before the first session.

Session 1: 7am-9am PT / 10am-12pm ET / 3pm-5pm BST, Tuesday 20th October 2020
Session 2: 7am-9am PT / 10am-12pm ET /3pm-5pm BST, Thursday 22nd October 2020


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About Alison Coward

Alison Coward is founder of consulting and facilitation agency Bracket, helping teams in the creative and technology sector to collaborate better and improve their performance.

Her client list includes Fortune 500 companies, startups, charities and public institutions. She is a strategist, trainer and workshop facilitator and the author of “A Pocket Guide to Effective Workshops”. With over 15 years’ experience of working in, leading and facilitating creative teams, Alison is passionate about finding the perfect balance between creativity and productivity.

Catch her BoS Talk from Business of Software Conference Europe here or listen on the podcast

EB Alison Coward designing and run better remote meetings masterclass october 2020