Nathan Latka: Six Bootstrapped SaaS Metrics Everyone Gets Wrong

In a world where VC/equity markets are shut down, many people forget tens of thousands (10,000+) of founders are quietly bootstrapping with world class economics. You’ll never read about them in the press but BoS has always known this.

In this interactive and energetic session, Nathan Latka takes the best of interviews he has conducted with 3,000+ SaaS CEOs to share some of the highlights and lowlights of 273 Bootstrapped SaaS Founders with $10m+ in revenue.

He will share the six metrics to focus on (that you probably ignore). Each 10 minute segment will focus on a new metric. You’ll see benchmark data for the metric, a live case study, and a playbook on how to improve that metric at your company. 

Nathan Latka

CEO, Founderpath

Nathan was 19 when he hit $1m in ARR at his first SaaS company ( Shortly after, VC’s made an offer to buy 20% of his company for $2m ($10m valuation). Latka accepted… then reality hit. His company got an acquisition offer for $6.5m which his new VC’s blocked. He learned: Selling equity to VC’s reduces your options. Why does everyone celebrate raising VC?

Eventually, he exited the company in 2015 and launched a podcast (google Latka Podcast) which features a new SaaS CEO every day. He’s interviewed 3,584 of the world’s top SaaS founders over the last 5 years and now runs Founderpath. Founderpath is a $150m non-dilutive fund that writes $2m checks into $4m ARR SaaS companies.

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