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There are two types of conferences: those that look like a full fledged garden centre with multiple areas (tracks) attending to different types of greenery (topics), and those that focus on a specific type of growth-worthy species like orchids (founders) or drought resistant plants (entrepreneurs).

Business of Software conference is definitely that boutique kind of experience, with the organising team going to great lengths to make sure every single participant gets the most out of their attendance; a bit like the experienced gardener in your local orchid place who knows every plant’s light preference by heart.

So what IS BoS?

It’s a multi-day, single-track conference turbocharging your ideas about how to grow your software business. The European version happens in Cambridge, and I can’t imagine a more appropriate setting to revisit and re-learn everything you know (or should know) about JTBD, GTM, your ICP, and scaling your MRR sustainably. And yes, BoS very much encourages re-learning, reassessing, and looking at what you thought you knew from yet another angle – just like moving an orchid to a different window can make all the difference.

As an attendant, I felt immediately integrated by a friendly and welcoming community. Experiences BoS attendees clearly felt invested in making newbies feel welcome, and the setup in between sessions and at mealtime encouraged conversations that went deep really fast. As for the content – this is the first conference ever that I did not scroll through my phone during sessions. They were THAT good. 

As a speaker, I enjoyed the smooth organisation with enough structure to be reassuring, yet enough freedom to experiment on stage. And the audience delivered for every single speaker: they were responsive, engaged, and asked insightful questions. BoS is definitely on the top of my list of conferences both for attendance and for the speaker experience.

Valentina Thörner
Empress of Remote

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