Women’s History Month

Throughout March we are sharing some of the brightest and best talks from BoS to celebrate the wonderful women we have welcomed on stage (often after they’ve been in the audience first).

Kathy Sierra

Kathy Sierra is a Business of Software Conference favourite for good reason. She talks sense.

Her talks – in particular the Badass User ones – are often cited as being some of the most influential talks people have heard about product development.

She is the co-creator of the Head First series of books on technical (primarily computer) topics, along with her partner, Bert Bates which have received three nominations for Product Excellence Jolt Awards and were recognized on Amazon’s yearly top 10 list for computer books in the early 2000s.

Sierra gave up her technology career as a result of harassment, withdrawing from most public-speaking events and no longer blogging. In her final post, she wrote that she did not want to be involved with the culture of the Blogosphere as long as such harassment was accepted. She later wrote, “I had no desire then to find out what comes after doxxing, especially not with a family”.

Take a look at her previous BoS talks:

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