“Take me out to the ball game” ⚾️

©Ian Clifford

After BoS Conf USA 2022, the BoS Team decided to head out to Fenway Park to watch the Boston Red Sox play against the Baltimore Orioles. Did we know anything about baseball? Did we know the names of the players? Did we realise it was going to be three+ hours and very little scoring? Did it matter?

In baseball you’ve got to not only hit the ball (which is very hard) but then make it to the first base before your opponent can get the ball to the first base ahead of you. You’ve then got to make a call of can you go further or will you wait for you team mate to also hit their ball and both of you can progress in hope of scoring points. 

We face the same issues in work life and in personal life. We might strike out a few times, but when we do hit the ball, we have to make quick decisions and trust our team mates can help us get round the diamond of life and help us make a difference.

Some of us are pitchers. Some of us are catchers. We all take our turn batting. We all need to be able to trust our team to have our backs.

“What’s this got to do with BoS USA 2022, Kirk?” I hear you ask. Well,

Back in April I had the first post-lockdown BoS Conf getting to meet the wonderful BoS community in person for the first time since I joined BoS in 2019. Now, six months later, I can tick off Boston from the list of places I have had a wonderful time helping to deliver a BoS conference.

With 15 speakers taking to the stage, and further experts on hand to offer advice and ideas in the lobby and breakout discussions, BoS USA 2022 was jam packed with insights, ideas, and inspiration.

The top three things I learnt at BoS Conf USA 2022 were:

  1. We should all be able to identify superpowers in our teammates and let them do what they do amazingly
  2. How to identify the energy levels of team members and how to manage a variety of energies
  3. Some toilets are designed to manage 1kg (2.2lbs) of waste per flush

Thankfully that last one was in theory and not found out through necessity or practice – thanks for that April!

BoS Conf is the dugout your team can huddle in as you watch your business play. It’s the place you can be sure your home runs will be celebrated, and where your strike outs will be used as lessons to fuel you through your next time at the plate.

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