BoS Conf USA 2022 – The Talking Points

BoS Conf USA is just under three weeks away in Boston, MA, 26-28 September and WE CANNOT WAIT to see people in person after three years.

When my eldest daughter was 3, someone asked her what her Daddy did. She replied,

“He goes blah, blah, blah all day”.

Violet Littlewood

Probably true, but talking with people is how we learn, how we teach, and how we get more from life.

As always at BoS, there is going to be plenty to talk about. We ask attendees for a conversation starter to put on their badges and, as ever, there are some common themes and some, err, slightly weird interests…

Here are some topics of conversation this year…

Topics mentioned more than once are listed once with multiple mentions given an indication of their popularity.

SaaS – 26
Growth – 23
B2B Marketing – 19
Product Development – 18
B2B sales – 14
Hiring – 14
Enterprise software – 11
Pricing – 9
Product Market Fit – 8
Startups – 8
Culture – 7
Exits – 7
GTM – 7
JTBD – 7
Entrepreneurship – 5
Innovation – 5
Partnering – 5
Burnout – 4
OKRs – 4
Options for Private equity – 4
APIs – 3
Brand Building – 3
Data Analysis – 3
Employee Ownership – 3
Idea Validation – 3
Product positioning – 3
B2B SaaS Investing – 2
Engaging a remote workforce – 2
All things growth
Applied ML
Async-first. Remote-first.
Automation and Org Efficiency
big company politics
Build as a Service (BaaS)
Building a team
Building partnerships
Building sales and RevOps functions
Building strong teams supported by strong, clear strategy
Building the next breakout product
Coming up with a growth strategy for next 2 years
Company Strategy, 10x Scale
Company-building and remote work
Considering Exits
Delivering software proprietary hardware.
Developer Productivity!
Developing great product people
Developing the team
Displaying PDF files and Medieval History
Doing the right thing
Ecosystem Building
Entering new markets
Enterprise Data
Enterprise Software (Higher Ed)
Forging stronger teams in a remote work place.
Founder Challenges
Gauging Product Market Fit
generating more sales
Go to market
Great fiction
Growing Teams
GTM planning
Have Product-Market-Fit. What is next?
Having a 1½ year old daughter a new venture and a job.
Headless CMS
Hiring + GTM
Hiring in new territories
Hiring remotely
Honing our process and offerings
How do you ensure room for growth on your team?
How I can help you
How to build a sale pitch
Improving async meetings
Increasing recurring revenue
Incubating a brand new team and product

K-12 Software Marketing
Keeping company culture after acquisition
Lack of customer feedback (not many customers)
Life after acquisition – what is next?
Low Code
Maintaining employee engagement post acquisition
MCM Technology
Migration from traditional perpetual model to SaaS/subscription model
Motivating employee engagement after acquisition
Moving the company from Consulting to Product
Nearshore software developers
Networking & Relationship-Building
No-Code / Low-Code
North Star Metric
Open Source
Opening new offices overseas
Personal Finance
Personas and User Research
Pitfalls of hiring rockstar/experienced CMO
Podcast search engine, database and API
Prepare company for future growth
Product launch stories
Product Led Growth
Product Management with remote employees
Productivity tools.
Raising teenagers
Revenue based finance
Reviving the team after difficult years
Reviving the team after difficult years
Rewarding our team
SaaS and crypto (and crypto-SaaS?).
SaaS growth.
SaaS multiples meltdown
SaaS Operations
Scaling a product
Scaling and organizing internal processes
Scaling sales operations
Seeing everyone
Selling to CFOs
Selling your company
Software Development and Professional Services
Squirrel Life (anything and everything)
Team Growth
Team retreats for remote companies
Tech trends
The new shape of the office
The rise and fall of the roman empire
The time I missed a Lizzo concert
Video marketing
What is your biggest current challenge?
What’s Next?
Work/Life Balance
Your Next Job
Your team

Come and contribute to the conversations at BoS USA, Boston, MA, 26-28 September

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