The stress of cramming for exams. The anxiety of waiting months for the results. The hyperventilating when the envelope lands on the doormat.

Things we have all experienced and don’t care to relive. For some of us, it’s our children who are currently sat with the big envelope to open (or is it all done by emails these days?) and scared to open it. The biggest thing to remember is that no matter the results enclosed, there is no wrong path ahead and it is not the end of the world.

The BoS team reflect on their journeys:

Kirk’s story:

After doing well in Standard Grades (Scottish version of GCSEs) there were high expectations of me for my Highers (A Levels). I failed English first time and had to resit in sixth year, and only got a B in Maths so had to resit to get the A I needed to get into Architecture.

Turns out I didn’t gel with Architecture (something about thinking too functionally and not enjoying it) and I moved from Aberdeen to Glasgow to do Multimedia. Two years in and a Pass at HND level I exited formal education due to depression and a suffering mental health.

After years of working in retail, hospitality, and leisure, I am now heading up the operations and marketing arm of a conference and events company aimed at helping others be amazing humans; whilst also in my personal life pursuing evangelical studies where I am – ironically considering my F in English – applauded for my poetic writing abilities!

There is an old Scottish proverb:

“Wits fer yeh willnae go by yeh”

which means ‘If it’s meant to be, then it will happen for you’

The path I took, is the path that – I feel – I was meant to take. The dead ends, the forks to choose, the lack of sign posts; these all built me to be resilient and teach me how to adapt, evolve, and grow. #NoWrongPath

Jed’s story:

School is a jungle, specifically secondary school. Most things that I failed or did “badly” in I later pursued in life to some degree. My best advice is to use failure as an opportunity to improve, be resilient and do better next time around. We all fail – especially successful people – but life has a plan for you and it will often throw you hurdles, so it’s impossible to always succeed right? There will be times where you can’t succeed, that does not reflect on your future.

I’ve worked in construction, entertainment, youth development, stage schools and now conferences; I’m 28. Although it may feel as though you had a plan that didn’t work out, there’s always something just as interesting around the corner, discover and try new things. That’s one of life’s exiting parts: you get to shape it yourself! #NoWrongPath

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