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Building long term relationships with high-valued SaaS leaders

At Business of Software conferences, we aim to make a real difference to the wonderful people and companies that make up our BoS Community. When we aren’t able to meet in-person, we can still come together online to share ideas, learn new tricks, and work on our businesses together. This isn’t something we can do all on our own though – it is thanks to the speakers, supporters, and attendees who come together to help each other grow and succeed.

The best place to learn practical lessons that can be applied to your business right away.

James Avery, Kevel | BoS Online 2021 & 2022 Supporter

Join dozens of people all over the world to help you make progress, at BoS Online

Not just anyone who applies get to be a supporter. We only partner with a handful of trusted organisations who can add value to our community. As a supporter, you position yourself as one of a handful of personally recommended companies we are promoting to our attendees.

Our experience is that quality beats quantity every time. Supporting BoS conferences isn’t about meeting thousands of people – it’s about meeting the right people. The laws of probability show that a smaller number of good people, mean more meaningful connections.

BoS helps small businesses with 50% having under 50 employees

Online Supporter packages include (but are not limited to):

  • Live introduction on screen
  • Leading breakout sessions that share your expertise on a relevant topic
  • Branding across all conference media and websites
  • Newsletter, blog, and social media mentions
  • Introduction to dozens of members on the BoS Slack channel
  • Dedicated BoS Podcast feature
online supporter
On air announcements and introductions

Interested in partnering with Business of Software?

Our packages can be moulded to suit you; you can include one, three, or however many online confs you want – we are happy to discuss all options.

Our 2022 Supporters so far include:

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