Team Rates for BoS Conference Online

Why do we offer a bundle price for online events but not a bundle price for teams to share in the same online event?

Good question…

Our bundle pricing aimed to encourage you to come to more online events, be part of the community, access some of the smartest people on the planet who can help you build better software and companies.

We think we should encourage participation at all our online conferences.

We have introduced team pricing as of today.

Starting with our 8 June – BoS Conf One-Day Online you can enjoy the value of team participation without having to think so hard.

  • Bring three team members for less than the price of two. (Save over 36%)
  • Bring six team members for less than the price of three. (Save over 56%)

Our 8 June JTBD is going to be transformative for many and we’ve added more JTBD goodness to the program. Take a look.

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