Partnering with Business of Software

Building long term relationships with high-value SaaS and software leaders

At Business of Software conferences, we aim to make a real difference to the wonderful people and companies that make up our BoS Community. This isn’t something we can do all on our own though – it is thanks to the speakers, supporters, and attendees who come together to help each other grow and succeed.

Jed meeting the Workato Team at BoS Europe In-Person 2022

Not just anyone who applies get to be a supporter. We only partner with an exclusive number of companies who we trust can help our attendees. As a supporter, you position yourself as one of a handful of personally recommended companies we are promoting to our attendees.

Our experience is that quality beats quantity every time. Supporting BoS conferences isn’t about meeting thousands of people – it’s about meeting the right people. The laws of probability show that a smaller number of good people, mean more meaningful connections.

On average 80% are C-Level, Founder, or board member, and 1 in 5 are team leaders.

Attendee Seniority breakdown

“Great to meet some more brilliant founders within the B2B SaaS world and hear some thought provoking talks”

Danial Chamberlain, FE International | Europe In-Person 2022 Supporter

Supporter packages include (but are not limited to):

  • Live introduction on screen/stage
  • Curated introductions with specific members of the community
  • Branding across all conference media and websites
  • Newsletter, blog, and social media mentions
  • Breakout discussion sessions or lunchtime table discussions
  • Dedicated BoSPodcast feature
Mark thanking our 2022 supporters at Business of Software Europe In-Person

Interested in partnering with Business of Software?

Our packages can be moulded to suit you; so wether you want to sponsor a dinner function, provide a walking tour of the area, or supply the colour coded lanyards for attendee badges, we are open to suggestions that work for you and provide a positive aspect to the conference.

Our 2022 Supporters so far include:

kevel mensch supporter 212x114-01
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