Hardwiring Sales Into Your business

Paul Kenny talks about the story you tell in sales and the people who make the best story tellers.

Paul Kenny has been developing salespeople for over 30 years. He set up his first training company largely out of frustration at not being able to find the right training for his own sales teams. The kind of training that was immediately useful and would stick.

Paul has trained salespeople in media, technology, medical, engineering, education, and professional services sectors. He’s helped to train the sales teams at Redgate Software and Stack Overflow during their early growth phases. 

Having a dialogue with your customer is essential for you and your business. And the most important thing that you need to know to start that dialogue is how to work out what your sales proposition is/what your story is. Because with a story you can engage and talk to people.

This talk from BoS Conf USA looks at the reason you should be talking to your clients; not just emailing them, not just blogging at them. The reason you should be talking to your clients is because they each have their own unique way of describing a problem.

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