Learn how to Make Multi-Country Hiring Work (in Practice) with Tim Burgess

Tim Burgess will be leading a Breakout discussion at BoS Conf Spring.Online 26-27 April on the topic: “Hiring Challenges Across Territories.”

Pandemics aside, operating remotely comes with a lot of benefits for both employer and employee. A big one for entrepreneurs, is getting access to a broader pool of talent than what might be readily available on the home ground.

But making it work in practice can be challenging. When does it make sense to incorporate in different jurisdictions vs using contractor agreements? What are the tax implications? How do you deal with cultural and legal differences between regions?

What you will learn

Tim has been a BoS regular for ten years attending both the European and US events and we’re excited to have him join us this year as a session leader.

As an expert on the process of hiring remote teams (having worked with over 400 companies!) Tim will lead a conversation and answer questions you have about how you can make multi-country hiring work in practice.

From the legal and technical, to some of the important cultural challenges, Tim has seen what works and what doesn’t. You can submit a question in advance or just turn up, listen and join the conversation.

Who is Tim Burgess?

Tim is a founder at Shield Geo. He graduated from University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Science (Geography & Psychology). He has been helping with international assignees for over twenty years.

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