“Entrepreneurs Anonymous” with Gareth Marlow: A Peer Group for Founders

Gareth Marlow will be leading a breakout session at BoS Conf Spring.Online 26-27 April on the topic: “Entrepreneurs Anonymous: Scaling a Tech Business is Hard.”

If you’ve ever worked with someone you didn’t trust, you will know how hard it can be to get even simple things done. Let alone taking big decisions.

Even harder is trying to deal with that alone.

In his session, Gareth will create a safe and welcoming space where entrepreneurs can work through difficult problems with peers who are attempting to navigate similar issues.

Gareth Marlow speaking at BoS Europe 2019

Scaling through trust

In a Cambridge career spanning 25 years Gareth has, at one time or another, managed every part of a software business: HR, sales, product development, engineering, marketing, finance, and IT. As COO of Red Gate he’s launched, scaled, and decommissioned products; hired, developed, and occasionally fired scores of people; and acquired, divested, and integrated several companies.

Emerging from these situations successfully, stronger, and ready to scale requires trust. Trust in your leaders, teams, and peers. Without that trust, morale, productivity, and ultimately revenue suffer.

As a founder or CEO you already know that scaling a company is tough. But you don’t have to do it alone if you can find and develop trust.

What you will learn

This session will allow you to share some of the challenges you face with fellow entrepreneurs and a brilliant facilitator in a welcoming, safe and helpful environment.

Gareth will listen and encourage participants to share their issues and help others in the group find support to overcome the tricky problems we all face leading our businesses in good times and bad. 

This will help you identify and and live the values which drive engagement, performance and passion in your business.

Who is Gareth Marlow?

Gareth is the CEO and founder of EQ Systems where he coaches CEOs and leadership teams to develop growth strategies, create and retain great employees, and generally become less stressed.

Gareth has spoken previously at BoS in 2019 on Cultivating Trust and delivered highly-rated BoS Masterclasses on Making Strategic Decisions.

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