Doist Founder Amir Salihefendic on Maintaining Growth and Impact in 2020 and Beyond

Amir Salihefendic will be speaking at BoS Conf Spring.Online 26-27 April on the topic: “Reflections on Growing a Remote Company in a Pandemic.”

As founder and CEO of a successful remote-first company (Doist) Amir has been a passionate advocate of remote working as the future of work for a number of years now. His advocacy was particularly well-placed last year, as we all know 🙄

A bet on remote was not the only thing that enabled Doist to continue growing its reach and impact in 2020.

Amir Salihefendic speaking at BoS in 2019

Amir and Doist’s mission

Amir founded Doist in 2007. Since then he has raised exactly $0 of outside investment and now employs over 120 people in 30 different countries.

He believes a product stands a better chance of resonating with a global workforce when people around the world create it. For him, working remotely is the way of the future.

While he does not know what the next decade will bring (who does?) he is certain of one thing: it won’t include selling out or getting acquired. Amir doesn’t have an exit strategy; he has a mission to help shape the future of work for decades to come.

What you will learn

Amir, together with Zapier CEO Wade Foster, will be delivering a talk entitled: Reflections on Growing a Remote Company in a Pandemic.

Both Doist and Zapier have bucked trends in the last few years. In their talk they will share their experiences of building — and scaling — remote-first companies before, during, and after (?) Covid-19.

As they’ve both grown steadily and quickly while ignoring traditional (ie venture-backed) approaches to growth, you can expect to walk away from this talk with a raft of useful and actionable insights for your own business — whether your plan to stick with remote or not.

Who is Amir Salihefendic?

Amir is the CEO and founder of Doist, the remote-first company behind Todoist and Twist. Amir was born in Bosnia, grew up in Denmark, started the business in Chile, and now lives in Spain.

Amir has also spoken at BoS Europe 2019 about Ten Lessons Learned Building Doist — a remarkably prescient talk given that his focus was on remote work being the future.

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