The Stories Your Customers Tell You | Sally Foote, GoCompare | BoS Europe Online 2020

Sally Foote // VP ECommerce, GoCompare

Should you or shouldn’t you listen to your customers? Do they know what they want or just what they think they want? Famously, pre-automobile era, people didn’t want a car, they wanted faster horses. So how do know when to listen to your customer feedback and when not to?

In this talk from BoS Europe 2020, Sally Foote (VP of ECommerce at GoCompare) shares her experience and expertise working with some high-profile digital businesses operating at scale to manage profitable growth and innovation in their organisations.

She will explain:

  • how she uses data-driven decision-making frameworks to identify profitable opportunities that can have a potentially transformational impact
  • why listening to your customers isn’t always a good idea
  • how to know if you’re asking the right questions

Video & Slides below




Transcript coming soon

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