Building An Accidental Business | Cesar Kuriyama | BoS USA 2019

Cesar Kuriyama // 1 Second Everyday

Born in Peru, and raised as a math and science nerd in New Jersey with a passion for movies and storytelling, Cesar worked in advertising before leaving it all behind to pursue his own personal creative endeavours; among them a personal project – 1SecondEveryday.

It took time and a co-founder, Schoneck Shoaf, to turn it into a business, but now the App has been downloaded over 2 million times.

In this talk from BoS USA 2019, Cesar will share the story of how he accidentally turned his idea for a tool that would encourage him to be more adventurous into 1SecondEveryday. This became a thriving, bootstrapped, remote only, business that became the number one paid app in Apple’s App Store in 2018. Cesar shares the decision-making process that ultimately led to a change in business model, a rewrite of the platform and to taking outside capital.

Find out how 1Second Everyday:

  • make remote working work
  • changed the business model as it grew up
  • discovered the ever-growing number of alternative sources of funding available to software entrepreneurs.

Video, Slides, & Sketchnote below




Cesar Kuriyama BoS Conf USA 2019 1 Second everyday

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