Black Friday Sucks | Business of Software Conference BLACK FRIDAY DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black Friday Sucks.

In the US, it was created as an opportunity to sell more stuff people don’t want to people who can’t afford it to while away some time while your at home with your family in a turkey coma and your critical faculties are severely weakened. Retailers dump unwanted stuff, at prices noone was prepared to pay for in the first place then add a DISCOUNT!! Blurgh. No thanks. This ‘tradition’ has spread to the UK and beyond now and this is the season that all those things you bought online or in-store come back to bite you in the inbox (or spam box), as marketeers go ‘MAD!’ with their BLACK FRIDAY DEALS!!!!

As everyone does it, we thought we had to, but we think these artificial festivals of consumerism suck.

Our Black Friday Deal is different.

Black Friday Sucks. So…

Black Friday Deal

On Black Friday, we’re increasing the ticket prices for Business of Software Conference USA by a factor of 5 for 24 hours.

Yes! That’s FIVE X.


You can save your place at a 50% discount, THAT IS FIFTY PERCENT OFF FOLKS!!, with your exclusive* discount code offer: ‘BFSUCKS‘.

An unbeatable offer for ONE DAY ONLY next Friday 29th November with a whopping 50% off the ‘for 24 hour only’ 500% inflated price – we do spoil you sometimes.

If anyone does take us up on this AMAZING offer, (we truly hope you don’t), we will make an additional ticket available to a scholar.

* This offer is NOT remotely exclusive to you, even though we said it was in the schtick. So there. Remember, Black Friday sucks.

Get your Fall BoS Conference Ticket

27 - 29 September 2021, Online

BoS Conferences are the events professional CEOs and serious founders attend to learn how to build, run, and scale successful software companies.

First batch of speakers and sessions have been announced. Attendance is limited to 300 spots.

"The only place where I feel, professionally, amongst my peers." — Scott Farquhar, founder and CEO of Atlassian

"Software people of the world: If you haven't been to a @bosconference, you should go." — Dharmesh Shah, founder and CEO of Hubspot