Making Product Roadmaps That Work: Q&A with Rich Mironov | Thursday 14th November

Join us on Thursday 14th November for a live online Q&A with Rich Mironov on Product Roadmaps & Prioritization

The roadmapping process is almost always broken. Roadmaps are met with frustration and boredom in equal measure. That’s Rich Mironov’s experience of working with Silicon Valley software companies for 35+ years.

Different voices in the company want different things. Sales need that one new feature for a big client, and they’re sure will only be ‘a few lines of code’. The executive team wants to know why you’re not getting more done. Support has hundreds of ‘good’ ideas from customers that they want to see. How do you manage expectations across the company, and create a product roadmap that prioritizes the right things while uniting your organisation?

Join us for a Q&A with Rich Mironov, product coach, seasoned entrepreneur, and author of ‘The Art Of Product Management’, who will be walking us through some tactics for designing a roadmap process that works.


Rich Mironov Q&A

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