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In 2016, a frustrated Tesla owner tweeted at Elon Musk.

6 days later, Tesla released an update to the software in their cars with a new feature. Once an owner’s car was fully charged, they received a smartphone alert telling them that if they didn’t move their car, they would be charged a per-minute parking fee.

6 days from tweet to feature.

The nature of software now is that it’s in continuous production.

And that enables us to work in a new way – to build things, sense how people use them, and respond appropriately.

This is the way your team wants to work. It’s an effective way to collaborate and see forward movement in your business. But it’s not necessarily easy to work this way.

How do you work in this ‘Sense & Respond’ framework?

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Sense & Respond

Josh Seiden is the co-author of ‘Sense & Respond’ along with Jeff Gothelf. He spoke on this topic at Business of Software USA 2017 –  click here to watch.