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In 2016, a frustrated Tesla owner tweeted at Elon Musk.

6 days later, Tesla released an update to the software in their cars with a new feature. Once an owner’s car was fully charged, they received a smartphone alert telling them that if they didn’t move their car, they would be charged a per-minute parking fee.

6 days from tweet to feature.

The nature of software now is that it’s in continuous production.

And that enables us to work in a new way – to build things, sense how people use them, and respond appropriately.

This is the way your team¬†wants¬†to work. It’s an effective way to collaborate and see forward movement in your business. But it’s not necessarily¬†easy¬†to work this way.

How do you work in this ‘Sense & Respond’ framework?

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Sense & Respond

Josh Seiden is the co-author of ‘Sense & Respond’ along with Jeff Gothelf.¬†He spoke on this topic at Business of Software USA 2017 – ¬†click here to watch.