“The Pen Is Horrible”

Feedback from #BoS2017

Here at Business of Software HQ we’ve landed without too much turbulence (metaphorical or aeronautical) back into a week of sitting at desks and sending emails – a far cry from being in Boston last week for the 11th annual Business of Software USA Conference.

Having said that…

We’ve had the biggest grins on our faces reading the feedback from this year’s attendees.

It’s fantastic to hear from both familiar and new names that BoS continues to provide opportunities and content that genuinely help the growth of their businesses. Even some of the negative comments have made us laugh…

“The pen is horrible.”

Consider it noted (with one of those horrible pens).

Here are a few of our highlights from your comments:

Rita Gunter McGrath and Mike Sikorsky teaming up during a Q&A

“I’ve now attended 10 BoS conferences and all provided ideas that were used to grow our company. This is the most important conference that I attend. Period.”
Shawn Anderson // PDQ // President/Co-founder

“If you’re wondering where all the insanely smart, down-to-earth, and incredibly helpful software folks of sound moral compass are hanging out, they’re at BoS.”
Alli Blum // How Do They Get Customers // Copywriter

“Never has a business conference made me want to give everything I could to a giant collection of strangers. The people-first philosophy of BoS has reignited my desire to get out and help people for the right reasons.”
Rhiannon Chiacchiaro // Deep Core Data // Marketing Director


Jason Cohen opens the 11th Business of Software USA Conference.

Jason Cohen opens the 11th Business of Software USA Conference

“This is the direction that the tech industry needs to grow.”
Jeff Henderson // Precision Lender // EVP Product Development

“The most human software conference I’ve ever been to.”
Emily Mias // The Predictive Index // Software Product Director

“I spent more than a decade pining to go to BoS, building it up in my head along the way. #BoS2017 exceeded my hopes. Thank You!”
Rob Allen // One Door Inc // Software Engineering Manager

“I’ve been to a lot of confs and that one was the best.”
Alex McClafferty // GoDaddy // Director, Product

Speed Networking in full flow.

Speed Networking in full flow

“Why do I love BoS? Super content, great speakers, good vibes & it’s easy to meet people.”
Nikki Finnemore // Citrusbyte // Head of Marketing

“Thanks for the fantastic conference, it was highly inspiring. I believe the world needs more of this kind of conferences.”
Sean McGuire // Tieto // Consultant

“The conference where people turn up to sell other people’s software.”
Mark Stephens // IDR Solutions // CEO

We’re so pleased to hear your feedback, good or ‘constructive’. If you haven’t got round to filling in a feedback from yet, we’d love to hear from you – just click below.

The pen wasn't that bad...