Trello and Atlassian Combine Forces in Atlassian’s Biggest Acquisition To Date

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Congratulations to the team at Trello. Today it was announced that they have been acquired by Atlassian for $425 million in cash and stock.

Atlassian and Trello are BoS regulars and Scott Farquhar, co-CEO of Atlassian has spoken about growing and scaling Atlassian – here are Scott’s 10 Commandments for Startups.

You can watch Michael Pryor’s talk (or read the transcript) from┬álast year’s BoS USA, ‘How we almost messed up Trello‘ here.

Michael Pryor Paul Kenny How we almost messed up Trello

Paul Kenny interviews Michael Pryor, CEO, Trello. How we almost messed up Trello. Phot: Betsyweber

We look forward to seeing what happens next. Congratulations both.

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