AMA | Alex Osterwalder of Strategyzer discusses Business Culture

Join Alex Osterwalder to find out everything you want to know about Business Culture and how to get it right.

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Join us FREE – Tuesday 24th January, 17.00 GMT.

Alex Osterwalder is the Founder of Strategyzer, providing expertise to growing companies, and renowned author of business bibles ‘Business Model Generation’ and ‘Value Proposition Design’, helping people to focus their ideas into succinct plans.

How would you describe your company culture? The culture of a company is a bit like the internal brand – no matter what you tell your employees, their experience of the organisation is the real culture. So how can you change it and can you design culture?

Join us for this AMA with Alex on Tuesday 24th January at 17:00 GMT

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A previous speaker at BoS events we are delighted to offer this Q&A session. You can watch Alex’s talk on How to Design Organisational Culture here.

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