#ItWasNeverADress, Tech for Good, Making the Leap, Design Mistakes and Problem Solving. | BoS USA Conference 2015 Lightning Talks

The Lightning Talk section of Business of Software Conference is always a highlight.

Great ideas delivered in 7 and a half minutes: energetic, fast paced, sometimes funny, but always useful. A lightning talk takes all that is good about Business of Software, and then makes like a ZIP folder and compresses it.

Business of Software Conference USA 2015’s Lightning Talks were no exception. A wide ranging section for what was 37 and a half minutes of talks. Included is talks on women in tech, entrepreneurialism, design mistakes, problem solving and tech for good. See the playlist below for all the talks from last years event.

The application for Business of Software 2016 Lightning Talks is now open. You’ve until July 29th to get your idea submitted. More information here.

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