Business of Software Europe by the Numbers [Infographic]


Business of Software Europe was great (it’s not just us that say it, our attendees rated it with an NPS of 93). One said attendee, Mike from CurationWall, put together this excellent infographic summarising the event. He’s also brought together his thoughts on the top three talks from the event from his perspective in a well written, long form blog post – seen here.


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2 responses to “Business of Software Europe by the Numbers [Infographic]”

  1. mark stephens says:

    No amount of statistics however can really sum up how amazing it was to be there in person….

  2. Mike Gracia says:

    Agree with Mark! The event really was amazing. Loved every minute of it. A perfect mix of really engaging talks by top industry folks, excellent food, and a stunning setting (Powerscourt Hotel has some lovely views!).