Duane Jackson AMA | Founder of Kashflow & Pride of Britain Winner | Business of Software Hangout

Duane Jackson’s life story is remarkable.

His life has bounced from children’s homes to drugs and prison, and… accounting software.

On Tuesday, November 24th, Business of Software will be hanging out with the recently announced ‘Pride of Britain’ award winner, following his BoS Europe Fireside Chat (The video for which can be found here).

This hangout will be useful for those seeking inspiration, but also for practitioners looking for actionable insight into marketing, and understanding the full process from founding to exit from the man who formerly could claim to have one of the worst CV’s in the country.

Join us on November 24th, and pitch your questions to Duane live. Or, get them to the front of the queue by sending us them using #BoS2015 on Twitter before the day.

See you then!

Register, free, for the Duane Jackson AMA - 24th November, 3pm GMT

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