All of Business of Software USA’s 2014 Lightning Talks in One Place

Lightning Talks are always one of the highlights of Business of Software. They’re fast, often funny, but more importantly – approach subjects that matter with laser guided precision. Less blah, blah, blah.

This years application process closes on July 30th 2015 – that’s not much time to get your proposal in. More info here.

2014 was another good year for lightning talks. Lucky for you, we’ve recorded them and made them available for free. Expect a wide range of verbal and visual inspiration in these seven and a half minute videos.

To make it easy, they’re beingĀ released all at once, all in one place. See the videos below, be inspired, then get your applications in.

Again, you only have until July 30th 2015 to get your applicationsĀ to us.

Robert Moore – When To Turn in Your Keyboard


Claire Lew – How To Get Honest Feedback from Your Employees


Mark Abramson – Defining Your Customer, Articulating Their Problem


Brydon Gillis – The Future of Mobile Tech: Maybe Less is More?Ā 


Jared Chung – I Want to Know What It’s Like to Be You


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