Business of Software Speaker Previews

Last week we had the absolute pleasure of catching up with an well known BoS Community member, and meeting some new faces too. We held three hangouts with Jaideep Prabhu, Jenni Jepsen, and Des Traynor ahead of their talks at BoS Europe in two weeks time. Each were very different, but what they did have in common was exciting things of what is to come.

¬†Technical problems halted play on the Des Traynor hangout broadcast, but we did live tweet it. All can be seen on our Twitter page here. As for Jenni Jepsen and Jaideep, we have the benefit of their videos. Both are short, but they provide a snippit of what to expect in two weeks time. See them below, and if you haven’t already, sign up here.¬†

Jenni Jepsen – Partner, GoAgile

Jaideep Prabhu – Professor, Cambridge University

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