The breakfast of champions: Feedback from BoS2014

‘Awesome people’, ‘My tribe’,’Quality of other attendees’, ‘Being surrounded by people smarter than me’.

As ever, there is a theme to the feedback forms from BoS USA this year. And – as ever – it’s the people. Thank you all for being there and for participating so whole heartedly. It’s what gives BoS its unique atmosphere and believe me, we love it as much as you do.

While we’re on the theme of participation, this year many of you got involved in the breakout sessions where you took time to think about your BoS experience and tell us what we can do to make it better. Incredibly valuable, it gave us a chance to dig a bit deeper than a feedback form allows and ask some of the most respected entrepreneurs on the planet for free advice on how to improve our product 😉 Who wouldn’t love a bit of that?IMG_1011

Thanks to Luke Hohmann and the Conteneo team for making this happen. Between you you generated a lot of great ideas and we’re working through them to see what our next actions need to be. Here’s some recurring themes where we do have a few answers for you

You’d like videos of talks available sooner after the event. We’ve always taken a little time to produce broadcast quality video of the BoS talks, but we could make lower quality rushes with a single camera angle available more quickly. These would in time be replaced by the finished product

You’d like the slides from the speakers. Of course this is possible. We’ll put the slides on slideshare before the end of this week with a blog post to share them out.

You’d like easier access to content from previous years. This has been at the top of our development list for a while now and we have it up and running on the BLN site – filter by event, topic, year, speaker and order by popularity and date. We’re working on a solution that will mirror this from the BoS site.

You’d like a European event. May we present….BoS Europe! It’s just like BoS but in our backyard. This year’s test event was a great success and next year we’ll be expanding our promotion across Europe.

Now this is only a small sample of the many great ideas that you came up with – filtered by the ‘yes that’s easy to do’ filter. There were many others that would require a little more resource from us and need some prioritisation. So we will be working again with Luke’s team to play an online game that will give an idea of which ideas really have value for you.

What’s happening next year?

If you want to see us deliver more of what you love with some improvements, you can sign up for next year’s Business of Software events at a special EarlyBird book before the speakers rate. BoS Europe will run 25 – 26th June in Robinson College, Cambridge, while BoS USA will run 21-23rd September at our old home, the Seaport Hotel, Boston.

Do join us: you’re the ones that make the difference.