Where are they now? BoS speaker alumni….

Inspired by the line up of founders speaking at BoS this year, we’ve dug back through previous talks to find out what some of our more prominent speaker alumni thought was important five, six, seven years ago.

And although there has been a surge of interest in entrepreneurship and software since 2008, it turns out that the ideas they were noodling on then are still pretty relevant. Squish Jason Fried, Alexis Ohanian and Joel Spolsky together and you get a BoS talk on

‘Ideas to build a number one software business and make the world suck less.’

Which could be worth watching.

Anyway, here are their individual contributions:

Jason Fried, 37 Signals – Ideas

Some of the basic, but little understood, concepts that drive success in a startup.

Joel Spolsky, Stack Overflow – Software Success

How are you measuring success for your business? Why number one is the only spot worth pursuing.

Alexis Ohanian, Reddit – Making the world suck less with software

Why is software such a great game changer? What can it do to level the playing field?

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