Entrepreneurial students, graduates? Business of Software 2014 grants.

At BoS we believe in software entrepreneurship – and we really want to encourage future generations to get involved.


So we do what we can to make sure content from BoS is available for students, but there is no doubt that a lot of the value comes from attending the conference, the hallway track and the conversations with other delegates. That’s what peer learning is all about, after all.

Attending BoS is beyond the pocket of the average student, but our delegates are an amazing bunch and particularly the fabulous John Knox, a regular at BoS, who has offered to fund Business of Software Grants for a couple of students/recent graduates who would not otherwise be able to come to BoS 2014. John has form in the ‘helping people build careers’ department – including writing the book on engineering internships.

We’ll let John explain a bit about his motivation:

‘The Business of Software conference is about the culture and philosophy of software and software businesses. We get together and talk about the side of business which is rarely discussed publicly. We discuss how to make software people want and find useful. We cover how to hire great developers and make them happy. We learn how to find and grow a customer base. We even talk about how we can be happier.

If you want to know how to be a successful software entrepreneur, make the world a better place, and run sustainable business, this is the place for you. It might not seem exciting in the Hollywood sense, but the content does inspire you. That’s why I think young entrepreneurs would really benefit. I know I would have benefitted had I attended right out of college.’

How to Apply

So if you are a student or just graduated, thirsting for a career in software, and/or have the entrepreneurial itch, please get in touch. Drop us a email, explaining why you would like to attend (but can’t) and what you can bring to BoS (you might want to check out some of the useful info about who comes and why). If you prefer to make a short video submission, we’re always happy to put a face to a name, but it’s not compulsory.

Apply by 2nd September, John will pick two applications who will come to BoS as his guests, and get to spend some quality time with all of our delegates.

Thank you John! If anyone else wants to do similar or has ideas about how to support the future growth of the software industry, please get in touch.