A world before Lean. Eric Ries at BoS2010

Just five years ago, many of us knew nothing about Lean. Or at least, none of us had a name for it. Here’s Eric Ries, in the dawn of Lean, speaking at Business of Software in 2010.

Lean startup swooshYou may have read it, you’re probably working with people who think they’ve read it. Either way it’s worth revisiting the first principles and thinking about what has stood the test of time.

Eric talks about the core principles and some tactics for Lean companies with some great examples. It’s a bit late to pre-order the book he mentions, though 😉

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With the world so full of confirmation bias, it’s always entertaining to hear what people had to say in the early days of their ventures and we’ll be revisiting other BoS talks from the archive in the next couple of weeks.