My colleague from Yammer went to Business of Software Conference & all I got was this great summary

We love putting Business of Software Conference together and often wonder, as we huddle together for warmth in the long, dark, grim days when Business of Software Conference isn’t actually running, what people do with the ideas when they get back to the office. Here is one answer, a guest blog from Kevin Davis at Yammer who put some of the key points that he learned over the 3 days of the event into a short presentation.

This is a great way to distill the things you learn at a conference and share them with your colleagues – write and deliver a short summary of key points and takeaways. Forcing yourself to focus on the most important and actionable issues helps you to take all of the things that you hear and learn and think about over a few days into a small number of things that can have the most impact on your work environment. Kevin Davis does a great job of identifying some of the big issues and actions that Business of Software Conference 2013 threw up for Yammer.

Guest blog post from Kevin Davis:

Thanks for reaching out to put this on the blog! Quite honored 🙂 [Thank you for sharing Kevin.]

I’ve been extremely fortunate to attend the Business of Software conference the past two years. This is the presentation I gave to my team. Note that this is skewed towards an internal audience and our current needs. There was a ton of great content presented that I don’t touch on here.

Thanks to Tyler Rooney for passing his notes along, helping me remember some stuff I didn’t write down.

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