Cool Christmas present. Take part in this SaaS Conversion Survey and you could win two tickets to Business of Software Conference 2014

Who has enough data about how they can improve their own businesses? Welcome to the world of Groove, a startup offering SaaS and ecommerce customer support. Groove are giving away two tickets to Business of Software 2014 for anyone who can help solve  this problem by taking part in their metrics survey.

Thank you to founder and CEO Alex Turnbull for including us in the prize pot. We are honoured to be billed as your ‘Star Prize’ but more importantly, I think this could be a very useful resource for anyone who participates to access anonymized SaaS conversion metrics that will help you to see what works for others.

“We have bought two tickets to Business of Software Conference next year. Do you mind if we give them away as a prize for someone that participates in a survey we are running?”

“In principle, that is totally fine, but what sort of survey are you thinking of?”

“We are trying to help SME SaaS businesses to understand answer the question, ‘Are we doing well?'”

In Alex’s words:

We want to bring the community — Groove’s 7,000 subscribers, as well as the rest of the SaaS startup/small business ecosystem — together to create a free, valuable resource for each other. We’re asking SaaS startups and small businesses to (anonymously) share data on conversion rates, user acquisition strategies and other facets of their businesses, to make us all more educated, more savvy and more successful.

We’ll compile and publish the results to answer some important questions about our industry:

  • What user acquisition strategies are SaaS startups and small businesses getting the most value from?

  • What are average website conversion rates for SaaS companies?

  • What are the average churn rates for SaaS businesses?

Please consider taking part in the survey if it is of interest – not only could you win a couple of tickets to a cool software conference, you will get to use the data to help run your business more effectively. The survey itself takes about five minutes to complete and they have had over 300 responses in 24 hours so by the deadline of 31st December, there should be a load of meaty data to help you benchmark your conversion.

Take the 2013 SaaS Small Business Conversion Survey now.