Live Q&A with Mike Muhney (co-founder of ACT!, CEO ViP Orbit) Broadcast 14th October, 12 noon EST

Bookmark this page! This is where we’ll be continuing our series of Q&A sessions with  speakers on 14th October, when we’ll be broadcasting a Q7A session with Mike Muhney.

Mike pretty much invented the CRM industry when he co-founded ACT! 20 years before most of us were even thinking of opportunities in B2B software he created a business that is now used by over 10 million people.

Since leaving ACT! Mike is building a new  and very successful business – ViPOrbit – founded on his core beliefs in the power and importance of relationships.

So he has quite a point of view.

Join us on 14th October at 12 noon EST for an interview with Mike, to introduce him to you all and look into the  topics that he’ll be speaking on. If there are questions you want to ask (I know, you’re thinking: ‘what could I possibly want to know from a man who’s built several multi-million dollar businesses?’ but just in case) you can share them with us on Twitter (use tag #BoS2013), or Facebook, or LinkedIn.

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