Companies you will meet at Business of Software Conference this year

Some of the companies and people that are coming to the Business of Software Conference, 28-30th October 2013, Boston, MA.

It not just the talks that makes BoS awesome, (though we think they are world class), it’s the amazing people who come from around the world (almost half from outside the US), to talk and share ideas about making software people want and building long term, sustainable software businesses.

Obviously, while we would love to share everything about everyone, we do not publish individual names of attendees outside the conference attendees. This list of companies and the job titles should give you a good sense of who is coming though.


4ormat, ABIS, Inc, Accedian Networks, Acid Media / Mobiscroll, Acquia, acQuire Technology Solutions, Adaptasoft, Inc., Admin Arsenal Corporation, Adzerk, agileDSS , Anamika LLC, AppFusions, Appointment-Plus, Atlassian, Avangate, Aviaso, Avontus Software, Award Nexus, Axiomsoft, Axosoft LLC, Badass Users, Balsamiq, Bettermarketing Inc., Bidsketch, BitsDuJour, Bizworks, Blackbaud, Blue Fish Development Group, BlueZebra Sports, booj, Boondoggle Films, Box, Brecht Inc, Buildium LLC, Business of Software, Calix, Campaign Monitor, Cancel Bayern Software, Cape Horn Strategies, CAPS, Inc, catalyst investors, CDI Apps for Good, Cisco Systems, Cisco Systems, Inc., CivicPlus, Columbia Business School, Computational Hydraulics International (CHI), Constant Contact, Inc., Conversocial, ConvertKit, CopyCat LLC, CoreMedia AG, Corporation Service Co, CoSupport, CURE International, CustLabs Ltd., Cycling ’74, Dassault Systemes, DDL, Delivra, Development Partners Software, DevFacto, device42, Devonshire Investors, DevResults, D-I, Dnet Internet Services, DRH Internet Inc., ECIS Consultants Ltd, Effective Computing, Elbrys Networks, Ellexus Ltd, eMoney Advisor, Emurasoft, Inc., Enova, Entrance, EVER TEAM, Evernote, Exprodat, Faria Systems Ltd., Fire Ant Software, Fireworks Project Inc., Five Lakes Studio, FLAVIA IT-Management GmbH, Fog Creek Software, Formstack, Formstack LLC, Formstack, LLC, Formula VC, Forward Thought, Inc., Freeside Internet Services, Inc., FundStream, Globe Software, GoECart, Google, Inc., GovProcure, GovProcure Partners, GRAHL software design, Grant Street Group, GraphPad Software, Grasshopper Group, LLC, GunpwderLabs, Harvard Innovation Lab, Heroku, HFLabs, Highland Capital Partners, Hopper, HubSpot, Hudl, Independent, InetSoft, Insperity, Insyston, Integral Group Inc., Interapptive, Inc., Intercept Solutions, Intercom, Intern Avenue, inWorks LLC, IQ Capital Partners, JBurgess & Associates, Jitbit Software, JKI, Just Add Content, Kalzumeus Software, kCura, Keepify, Kentico software s.r.o., Kindoo, KnowledgeLake, Inc., Koombea Inc., KSS International, Inc., Lab Escape, Inc., Litmus, Lobster Software, Locaweb, Logos Bible Software, Mad*Pow,, mdk GmbH, Metaworks Inc., Method R Corporation, Microsoft, Microsoft, Mind the Product, Modern Survival Solutions, MongoHQ, Monkida, Moon River Software, Inc., Moraware, Multunus Software, N. Nyman Oy, N/a, Neo, NeoSmart Technologies, North Bridge Venture Partners, Nozzle, Nuxeo, Ocean Learning Ltd, One More Cloud, OpenEye Scientific Software, Optimizely, Optis, Oracle, O’Reilly Media Inc., PadMapper, Inc., Paramount Software UK Ltd, Percussion, PHC, Physion, PK Data, Planscope, Pluralsight,, Precision Lender, PrecisionLender, Primate Technologies, Promethean, Inc., PROS, protobi, Rand Worldwide, Readdle, Readdle Inc. , Real HQ, Recruitment Systems, Red Gate, Relevance, Inc, RIPE NCC, Rivo Software , Robots and Pencils Inc., RocketScope, Rogish and Associates, Royal Palm Software, LLC, SASSIE / SurfMerchants,, Schneider Electric, Schneider Electric IT Denmark ApS, Schneider Electric IT DK ApS, SeeThoughtDone, Self, Serlio Software, Servolutions, SimplyWork, Sitrus LLC/ AMC Bridge LLC, Snow Mountain Labs UG, Socious, Software Pricing Partners, Inc., Software Verification, SoftwarePromotions, Solana, Stack Exchange, StartHQ, Stella Nova Technolo, Sterling Medical Devices, Stormpulse, Inc., Streema, Inc, Swoop, Table Xi, Takipi, TBA, Tealeaf Academy, TechSmith, Telerik, Terraine, Inc., The BLN, The BLN & Business of Software, The Re-Wired Group, Three and a half Roses, Thycotic Software, Tioga Lake Systems, LLC, Total Synergy, Totango, TRANZACT, Tucows/OpenSRS, Tuff Decisions Inc., Univeris, US Health Works, UserIQ, UserScape, Veson Nautical, Violarth, VIPorbit Software Int’l, Inc., Vircom , Webapper Services, LLC,, Widefido, Winshuttle, Wisco, xMatters, Xtreme Labs, Yammer, Yesware, Zillow, Zoomergy LLC.

Job Titles – good to see that some people retain a good sense of humour when it comes to Job Titles.

#1, Architect, Associate, Audience Evangelist, Author, Backwards Thinker, Business Strategist, CEfounder & O, CEO, CEO & Co-Founder, CEO & Founder, CEO & Lead Developer, CEO/CTO, CEO/Founder, CFO, Chairman, Channel Account Manager, Chief Architect, Chief Entertainment Officer, Chief Evangelist, Chief Information Officer, Chief Product Officer, Chief Strategist, Consumer Applications, CIO, Cloud Consultant, CMO, Co Founder & CEO, CoFounder, Co-Founder, Co-Founder & Co-CEO, Commercial Strategist, COO, CTO, Deputy Assistant, Developer, Development Manager, Director, Director IT, Director of Client Care, Director of Client Services, Director of Consulting, Director of Engineering, Director of Information Technology, Director of Marketing, Director of Operations, Director of Product and Operations, Director of Product Development, Director of Product Management, Director of Product Strategy, Director of Sales, Director of Software Engineering, Director of Support, Director, Engineering, Director, Marketing & Product Strategy , Director, Software Development, Editorial Strategist, Engineer, Engineering Director, Entrepreneur and Investor, Event Assistant, Events Manager, Founder, Founder & CEO, Founder & CTO, Founder / Principal Consultant, Founder and CEO, Founder and CTO, Founder/CEO, Founder/CTO, Founder/Editor, Founder/Principal, General Manager, General Partner, Global Engineering Director, Global Product Management Director, GM, Heroku Postgres, Google Whisperer, Growth PM, Hacker in Residence, Head of Customer Success, Head of Finance, Head of Marketing, Head of Product Development, Head of UX, In house Counsel, Independent, IT Director, Jack of All Trades, Jobs-to-be-Done Associate, Jody’s Daughter, Jody’s Mom, Lead Developer, Localization Specialist, Manager, Software Dev Engineering, Manager, Software Engineering, Managing Director, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Managing Partner, Marketing, Marketing Coordinator, Marketing Manager, MD, Member of Technical Staff, NED, One of the team, Oracle Business Unit Manager, Owner, Partner, Partner Program Manager, Physician Assistant, President, President & CTO, President / CTO, President, Software Division, President/CEO, Principal, Principal Consultant, Principal Engineer, Product Manager, Professional Services Director, Professor, Project Manager, Sales, Sales & Development, SciBizD, Senior Associate, Senior Developer, Senior Experience Designer, Senior Manager of Software Engineering , Senior Software Developer, Senior Software Engineer, Skilled Engineering, Software Craftsman, Software Developer, Software Development, Software Development Expert, Software Engineer, Software Engineering Manager, Special Projects, Sr Director Product Management, Sr. Product Manager, STAFF, Support Engineer, SVP Business Development, SVP Customer Operations, TBA, TBD, Technical Director, Technical Product Manager, Technologist, Thought Follower, UX Lead, Vice President Solution Software, Vice President, Business Development, Vice President, Commercial Operations, Vice President, Strategy & Marketing – 3DVIA, VP, VP and Technology Evangelist, VP Business Development, VP Engineering, VP marketing, VP of Engineering, VP of Industry Solutions, VP of Marketing, VP of Operations, VP of Product Management, VP of Products, VP Operations, VP Product, VP Product Strategy, VP solutions, VP Technology and Platforms, VP, Business Development, VP, Engineering, VP, Enterprise Solutions, Web Guy, Zookeeper.

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