Worthy winner 1 for Business of Software Conference Pass competition

Congratulations to Gabriel Mays who won last week’s ‘Find the Code’ first thus winning himself a Free Pass to Business of Software Conference, October 28-30th. Good luck with Just Add Content Gabe, congratulations of finding the code ‘BoSKeyPie’ in The Whisky Priest Menu blog post and see you at Business of Software. Subscribe to email updates if you want a chance to win another ticket – we will hide one in every email to our mailing list between now and the conference.

After an extremely comprehensive review of Gabe's photo collection, the girls in the office chose this one.

After an extremely comprehensive review of Gabe’s photo collection, the girls in the office chose this one.

Gabe recently sent back the company car (see below) and traded in life in the Marine Corps for life as an entrepreneur.

FA14 Hornet

Gabe’s old company car.

About Gabe and Just Add Content

Gabriel Mays lives in San Diego, CA  and is the founder of Just Add Content, a website platform that creates “instant” websites for small businesses without the headaches or compromises of budget website builders.  It also simplifies business management by bringing together the best business applications through simple website integration.

Gabe joined the Marine Corps as an officer after college at age 21 and left as a Captain after 8 years, spending about half that time on small specially trained advisor teams.  In the Marine Corps he spent years between Iraq and Afghanistan on embedded teams where he lived with and trained local security forces.  Gabe also spent two years managing a nearly $1 billion Marine Corps aviation budget.  Gabe’s wife is a Marine as well and flies F/A-18 Hornets.

Prior to leaving for Afghanistan in April 2012 Gabe started working on the idea that would become Just Add Content.  With no technical background and limited connectivity, Gabe spent his free time while deployed learning and building the first prototype of the platform.  When he returned from Afghanistan in April 2013 he decided to leave the Marine Corps to work on Just Add Content full-time and did so in August 2013.

Gabe recently released v1.0 with paying customers and is looking forward to taking Just Add Content to the next level.  In the future he wants to use Just Add Content’s infrastructure to change the world by empowering small business owners and entrepreneurs in developing nations like Kiva does.

Gabe has a B.A. from Cal State Stanislaus and a M.S. from the University of Nebraska.

Despite having no technical background or credentials, Gabe says Just Add Content will become the world’s first trillion dollar company by becoming for business what Google is to the internet (let that one sink in).  Gabe’s wife and mother agree, so he knows he’s on the right track.

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