Live Q&A with Dan Siroker, CEO, Optimizely. 13.00 EST, September 4th 2013.

This hangout is now history. Thank you Dan. You can view the conversation between Dan Siroker and Mark Littlewood about the growth of Optimizely and AB Testing and what keeps Dan awake at night below.

Come and join Dan Siroker, CEO Founder of Optimizely and previously the man behind the data analytics for President Obama’s successful social media election campaign. We will be holding a Google Hangout at 13.00 EST, September 4th 2013 to talk about A/B Testing and see what you want Dan to talk about at Business of Software Conference this year.

An interesting conversation despite a couple of technical issues connecting Dan and Mark which did remind us of this from Alan Partridge…

Dan’s talk at BoS is titled, ‘If data can help win Elections, what can it help you do for your business?’ Companies like Disney, Amazon and Salesforce already use optimization as a core part of their business activity and they have masses of data that they can use to achieve this but how can smaller organizations with relatively small data sets use it to generate long term value? How can you get buy-in for A/B Testing in a business? Understand the future of optimization in the software industry as it enables the transition from a one to many relationship to a more personalized relationship with individual customers.

Dan and Mark will talk for 20 minutes about what Dan plans to talk about as well as trying to answer some of the burning questions that you have about Dan, Optimizely and A/B Testing. AB Testing at the Business of Software has often been a point of some contention:

Dan recently published a book, A/B Testing: The Most Powerful Way to Turn Clicks Into Customers. It will be interesting to hear Dan’s perspective. Is there something that you would like Dan to cover in this talk? Now is your chance to let him know directly.

  • Bookmark this blog post, join Dan and come back for the Q&A.
  • You can ask questions by using the Twitter Hashtag #BoS2013

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