Business of Software Conference Sunday photowalk

One of the highlights of BoS for me would be attending this but I never end up getting the chance as we are busy putting up signs, getting registration ready etc. That shouldn’t stop you going though. The chance to take photos and learn a few tricks with people like Betsy Weber and John Knox is one that you shouldn’t pass up. (John incidentally generously funds the Graduate Scholarship to attend Business of Software Conference, entry deadline 28th September). If you are new to photography and just want to take better pictures, are verging on the professional, or don’t have a camera but just want to meet some really nice people who are coming to Business of Software, then get involved in the Sunday photowalk.

Business of Software

Grab your camera! Any camera will do, even the one on your phone, and join your fellow Business of Software attendees for our 3rd annual photowalk around Boston before the conference kicks off.

Rain or shine, on October 27, we’re heading out on the town! This year we’re going to grab a water taxi so we can get some spectacular pics of Boston’s harbor. We’ll head to Fairmont Battery Wharf and visit Boston’s picturesque North End also known as Little Italy. The North End is full of interesting architecture, Italian bakeries, tourist attractions and more.

Everyone is welcome to join – all skill levels and all cameras/camera phones are welcome! Check out some past pics from the event here:

Interested? Find out more details and sign-up for a free ticket here.

Look for John Knox  (picture/@windaddict on twitter) and Betsy Weber (picture/@betsyweber on twitter) in the lobby of the Seaport Boston Hotel at 1:00pm.

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