Rita McGrath, Columbia University & Scott Farquhar, Atlassian speaking at Business of Software Conference

Rita McGrath, Professor at Columbia Business School and Scott Farquhar, CEO and co-Founder of Atlassian, will be talking at this year’s Business of Software Conference.

This is what they want to share with you…

Professor Rita McGrath will be explaining why the concept of sustainable competitive advantage, long touted as a key principle of corporate strategy the world over no longer applies in today’s fast-moving and rapidly evolving world. She will share the concept of temporary advantage and what that means for you. One thing it does mean is that you have to be brave and be prepared to exit from business activities that won’t be sustainable in the long term – how can you do that elegantly?

Scott Farquhar will talk of a few non-public incidents that almost broke the company and how Atlassian’s management team came through them as well as the challenges and benefits of Atlassian’s fabled, ‘No salespeople’ approach to sales. What were the most important things that Scott learned as a founder entrepreneur in taking a startup to the point that it is one of the most credible technology IPO candidates in the software business?

Scott is also keen to make the talk as relevant as possible for the Business of Software Conference audience so drop us a line with your question about growing a software business and Scott will try to answer some of them in his talk.

We will announce some exciting new speakers next week as well as some details about additional workshops we have organised to run for the whole afternoon on the last day of the conference – the conference closes at lunchtime on Wednesday but we will have a small number of workshops around product management, customer care, strategy for software entrepreneurs. These will be more structured than the informal gatherings we’ve had in past years and will involve an additional nominal charge – though considerably less than the price you would pay to attend workshops in the open market. Intrigued? You should be. 🙂

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