Breaking the Time Barrier. If you sell your time – as an individual or a company, read this!

A wonderful, short, readable, helpful eBook from Mike McDerment, CEO of Freshbooks and Donald Cowper. (You might remember Mike’s talk on the litany of product development mistakes he made at Freshbooks a couple of years ago at the Business of Software Conference).

Take a look – remember, it is an ebook and it’s free so take a chance on your time, take a look and if the value hasn’t grabbed you in the first minute, delete it. You won’t.

Breaking the Time Barrier Mike McDerment Freshbooks

Click the book or this link.

It is amazing that so few people understand how to price their services effectively and if you are either a freelance coder, developer, designer, ‘lean social media ninja guru’ or work in an organisations that is providing services to others, YOU NEED TO READ THIS BOOK. Even if you download it and scan through, you will learn something good.

We all use contractors for things and while on one level I run the risk of ending up paying a higher price more for the services that these people provide, the flipside of that is that if I was having the type of conversations that Mike and Donald propose in this book, I am almost certainly going to get a better value service or product as a result.

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