Post event discussion workshops at Business of Software

Every year, when the Business of Software finishes, some people want to leave for the airport, jump on a plane to get back to their family and start doing stuff in their business. However, lots of people want to stick around and talk about some of the issues the conference has raised, what they will do in their businesses as a result of what they have learned and what goals they will set themselves for the coming year. Others have asked for the opportunity to look at some areas that might be of less interest to the overall group but could be of value to a subset of our attendees. Finance is often raised as a subject that some people would like to discuss and understand in more depth for example and we recognise this is an important topic for a section of our attendees.

This year, we are going to try to let people with common interests get together in small groups to discuss some of these issues. No lectures, no powerpoint, just discussions led by people that might have some experience in a particular topic, or people who want to try to solve a particular issue that they face with others that have been through the same experience. There is no AV and no presentation, simply a room and a circle of chairs. Everyone who participates in a small discussion like this should come prepared to listen and talk.

We have a few suggested sessions already, and you can sign up to attend from here. Places are limited to ensure an open, constructive discussion where everyone gets the opportunity to participate effectively.

Click on the links to register.

Register your interest in attending these sessions now. If you want to add an idea, let us know by sending a note with a session topic and <100 word description of the  hermione at Remember! No presentations, no lectures, just people with a common interest sitting together to help each other find some answers.

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